Hakko Compatible Replacement Tips

Hakko Compatible Replacement Tips

Techspary sells Hakko compatible soldering tips from the Plato brand.  Plato is one of the largest manufacturers of soldering tips in the world, producing tips to fit all of the most popular Hakko solder stations.   Plato solder tips increase user effectiveness and decrease production times due to their long life and fast heat recovery.   

Compatible Hakko Stations- FX-888, FX88E, FX-8801, 926, 928, 936, 937, 951, 952, 958, 959, 701, 702B, 900M, 900M-ESD, 907, and 907-ESD

Desoldering Tips - Hakko Compatible

Desoldering tips for Hakko stations 475, 701 and more HK SERIES Replacement desoldering tips for Hakko 474, 475, 701, 702B stations, and 808 handpiece.

Soldering Tips - Hakko Compatible

Tips for Hakko stations FX-888, FX-8801, 926 and more

Soldering Tips - Hakko Compatible - WEB SPECIAL!

Close-out tip for Hakko stations FX-888, FX-8801, 926 and more